by: Kareena Victoria S. Vitto

 One of the Ten-Point Basic Education Agenda states that “Every Child Should Be a Reader by Grade 1” and DepEd is strengthening its reading program through the implementation of the Early Language, Literacy and Numeracy (ELLN) Program. In line with this, DepEd-NCR provided a 10-day region wide training on the said program for supervisors, school heads, master teachers and K to 3 teachers handling MTB-MLE, Filipino, English and Mathematics to improve its program in schools.

 The roll-out of ELLN was conducted at Gotamco Elementary School through a LAC Session held last January 10, 2019 at ICT/DCP room. It was participated by K to 3 teachers, master teachers and principal and was facilitated by Mrs. Kareena Victoria S. Vitto with the topic, “Bridging among the 14 Domains and Among the Different Languages of Instruction”. It is with this premise that the three languages (Mother Tongue, Filipino and English) are used as the languages of instruction.  It is expected that the student is literate in the three languages mentioned and should be ready to apply the literacy skills in understanding the content subjects.

 ELLN Program aims to improve the reading and numeracy skills of K to 3 learners and the school continuously conducts LAC Sessions that will talk about the implementation of such programs of the Department of Education.