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school history

 Gotamco Elementary School was founded in 1947 after Don Vicente Gotamco who donated the eight (8) parcels of land to the Municipality of Pasay with a land area of 2,300 square meters. It is located in the North by Gotamco Street, Commercio Street in the East, Jokian Street in the West and Sinciego Street in the South.

           The school was used to be a warehouse and headquarters of the American Liberation Forces during the World War II and the area was used to be a market place. In the year 1947, it was converted into an elementary school named as Jose Rizal Elementary School with Mr. Exequiel Domingo being the first principal. In 1949, the school’s name was changed after the donor Gotamco Elementary School during the time of Mr. Antonio Jose as the principal. The former name Jose Rizal Elementary School was given to a newly opened public school on that time which is now located at Park Avenue, Pasay City.

           Mr. Feliciano Tenorio was the successor of Mr. Antonio Jose in 1950, but after a year, a new principal was detailed again in the person of Mr. Lorenzo Macabagdal. Another milestone happened in October 11, 1953 when the name Gotamco Elementary School was renamed to Primitivo Lovina Elementary School by the then Mayor Lovina during his 4-year term as mayor of the municipality. However, this did not last long because in 1956, it was renamed again to Rajah Soliman Elementary School after the resolution of the Municipal Board was passed stating that no school should be named after a living person. After 4 years of being the principal, Mr. Macabagdal was replaced by Mrs. Leonor Muňoz in 1967 and lasted her term until 1970. The same year when the relatives of Don Vicente Gotamco made representation with the Pasay City Authority for the return of the school’s lot to their family unless on the Deed of Donation in 1928 be stipulated that the school’s name be retained as Gotamco Elementary School . The petition was filed by the incumbent principal Mrs. Luciana M. Mendoza together with the Parents’ Teachers Association and the resolution was unanimously proposed by the Municipal Board approved by the then City Mayor Dr. Jovito Claudio for the restoration of the school’s name Gotamco Elementary School after the donor Don Vicente Gotamco. As stipulated in the Deed of Donation executed on January 26, 1971, the lot donated by the latter formerly used as “Public Market” transformed into a “School Site” and that the lot is now named Gotamco Elementary School to perpetuate the name Vicente Gotamco. The same year, the dilapidated school building underwent major rehabilitation that was damaged by a strong typhoon.

           After the term of Mrs. Luciana M. Mendoza were succeeded by the following principals and OIC principals namely:

Herminia S. Ocampo :1975, assigned as OIC Principal

Lolita S. Palacol : 1975 – 1978

Eliseria S. Carreon : 1978 – 1987

Mirasol T. Valenzuela : 1987 – 1989. The school was gradually demolished and a 3-storey Havanah Type Building with 13 classrooms were constructed in the Eastern side of the school lot.

Floro C. Zapanta : 1989 -1992. He continued the construction with another 3-storey building installed at the Northern side of the school lot.

Constancia Mitra : 1992 – 1995, a 3-storey building with three classrooms was built in the Western part of the school lot

Myrna M. Teves : 1995 – 1999, pushed thru with the construction of another 3-storey building with six classrooms and underground water tank under the stage.

Emma Iligan      :2000 – 2002

Edith V. Flora :June 2002 – 2004

Esmenia Pambid : 2005, served as OIC Principal

Erna Doctor : June 2005 – September 2006

Rolando E. Soriano : October 2006 – April 2011

Tirso V. Gali : May 2011 – May 2012

Romy T. Socao : May 2012 – May 2013

Evelyn D. Deliarte : May 2013 – January 2017

Rosenda T. Sibonga : January 2017 – May 2017, OIC Principal

Laarni R. Alejandro : May 2017 – August 2022

Lea M. Marcelo : August 2022 – present

           All the above-mentioned school principals have gradually done reforms gradually transforming the school’s improvement in terms of access, quality and governance leading the school in achieving its educational goals through their profound leadership that brought laudable reform in terms of improving the physical plant of the school, coaching and mentoring the teaching force and most of all improving learners’ academic performance. They endeavored making progress in the school both physical and academics utilizing the manpower and skills of the stakeholders likewise financial resources of external stakeholders for support guided by the school’s vision-mission and continuous improvement.

         Being the principal currently, Mrs. Laarni R. Alejandro continues the school’s commitment on the governance towards achieving mastery of competencies in an organized and effective system for the benefit of all stakeholders-the teaching and non-teaching personnel most especially for the betterment of the learners.

         Moreover, another milestone occurred in her term that in April 2020 despite the sudden existence of the global pandemic COVID-19, the transformation of the old  school building facility came into realization which started with the demolition of the dilapidating Building I and gave rise to the construction of the proposed 4-storey building with a mezzanine floor which until now is in its progress of development and hopefully after the first building will be done, Building 2 of the school will be demolished again and a new building will be constructed until it reaches Phase 3 or Building 3. The completion of the said buildings will pave the way in providing a one is to one classroom for all teachers and a complete facility that would enhance teaching -learning processes likewise to a better, safer and more conducive learning environment for all Gotamecian learners.