by: rey magallanes

The opening program of the 2022 BSP School-Based Day Camp started at exactly 8 o’clock in the morning of the 26th of November 2022 with the selected Boy Scouts performing the Entrance of Colors. After the opening program, the student scouts were grouped into six patrols and asked to accomplish their first task, the flag making. The Patrol Leaders were asked to pick one strip of paper containing their assigned patrol name, this time the winged-animals. The selected animals for the patrol names were Agila, Lawin, Manok, Hawk and Duck Patrol. After that they looked for a comfortable place where they could work as a group to accomplish the assigned task. After they finished it, they presented it. After that, the scouts were instructed next that the next activity that they will undergo is the series of bases. So they prepare themselves. The base activities started at 10:30 in the morning. There were four bases methods of activities;

Base 1 – History of Scouting

Base 2 – Knot Tying

Base 3 – Flag Folding

Base 4 – Disaster Preparedness

The base activity ends at exactly 12:00 in the afternoon. The scouts dismissed for their lunch break. The scouts gathered at 1:00 in the afternoon for their Iskawt Palaro. They fall in line and presented their song and yell before playing against each other. The games are Centipede Relay, Calamansi Relay and Pasahan ng Harina. Agila Patrol clinch the first place for the Centipede Relay. Then at Calamansi Relay, the Duck Patrol finished first. Lastly, the Hawk patrol showed their coordination at teamwork to win the Pasahan ng Harina.

We altogether sang the closing song All Over The World and then a Scout benediction by the Scout Troop Leader closed it. 

The Scouts was dismissed and the Day Camp ended at exactly 4:00 in the afternoon.