celebrating the art of storytelling: a triumph for althea guillermo

by: dave matthew r. palmero

In education, milestones are not just achievements; they are narratives of passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Today, we are elated to share the extraordinary accomplishment of one of our bright students, Althea B. Guillermo, who has recently been honored with the prestigious Gawad Teodora Alonso Award for storytelling.

The Gawad Teodora Alonso 2023, the fifth edition of the formerly called National Competition on Storybook Writing. The competition aims to appreciate the roles of stories and illustrated storybooks as a tool in reading enhancement and gather original stories that demonstrate K to 12 learning.

Guided by the nurturing hand of her dedicated coach, Joann Carranza, Althea B. Guillermo delved into the world of storytelling, transforming words into captivating tapestries of imagination. As a teacher, Mam Joann played a pivotal role in honing Althea’s narrative prowess, instilling knowledge, and a deep appreciation for storytelling.

In the spirit of Teodora Alonso, Althea has illuminated the path for future storytellers, demonstrating that every story has the potential to inspire, educate, and transform. Congratulations, Althea, on this remarkable achievement! May your storytelling continue to enrich the tapestry of our shared experiences and inspire future generations.