Since the beginning of the school year 2018-2019, the roll-out and implementation of the acquired learnings from seminars, trainings and workshops has started at Gotamco Elementary School through LAC Sessions. One of which was on the training of teachers from Grades 4-6 – The Pedagogical Retooling on Mathematics, Language and Science (PRIMALS) which was held on January 11, 2019 at the school’s ICT/DCP Room. PRIMALS aim to address the least-learned competencies in all learning areas in order to develop the holistic 21st century skills of Grades 4-10 learners by providing teachers with relevant, appropriate and up-to-date content knowledge and instructional strategies.
     The conduct of the said LAC Session was on opposite session and was headed by the School’s hardworking principal, Mrs. Laarni R. Alejandro and at the same time the resource speaker with her topic on “The Art of Questioning”. It has been noted on the Consolidated Self-Assessment Tool of teachers that the first priority improvement area that they need to enhance is on developing critical and higher order thinking skills among their learners and this is in consonance to teacher’s skills on the Art of Questioning.
     Furthermore, in this particular topic, teachers at the end of the session should be able to identify purposes of asking questions in the classroom, identify characteristics of good questions, distinguish types of questions, recognize the importance of asking high inquiry questions and formulate high inquiry questions.
     To enhance the quality of instruction, the school continuously implements the delivery of educational services through capacitating its teachers in the improvement of their instructional and pedagogical skills for better learning outputs of the end users- the learners, and the school hopes that constant training of teachers will redound to better performance output.